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Prayer for the Last Friday

As next Friday will be the last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan regardless of the dates of the beginning and end of the fasting, Muslims in the south of the Philippines, north of Thailand, the Malaysian islands excepting Sarawak and westwards to Nigeria, to one quarter of the Cameroon, three fifths of Malawe, and one quarter and three sixteenths of South Africa - Muslims living in these regions are required to go to the mosque and say a prayer on the last Friday of Ramadan - every one of them in the spirit of the Koran, which says, "Go ye forth, (whether equipped) lightly or heavily. 

The prayer, the full text of which will be given later on, and which has recently been discovered with the discovery of the cobalt gamma ray, helps the one who learns it, teaches it, or says it to dispense with modern sciences, especially the applied sciences.
How absurd we must have looked when we spread solid as well as prefabricated schools, institutes, university colleges and vocational training centres everywhere to the extent that every child was able to go to school in a concerted effort to combat ignorance, to eradicate chronic illiteracy, and to comprehend modern sciences in order to make progress and confront the challenges of enemies. 

We were absurd because we did not exert as much effort to look for the old books which contained the profound secrets of cults, denominations and orders that had petered out in time, such as Ibn Taimiyah ... and Ibn Katheer. We were also wrong when we started the iron and steel industry and erected chemical and petro-chemical factories on which we had spent billions of dinars.
The great man-made river may as well be abolished. The second phase of the huge iron and steel complex, and the second phase of the Ras Lanoof complex, which comprises three hundred factories for petrochemicals should also be abandoned. This will help us to save millions of Dinars to reprint the yellow books. No doubt, the Muslims - I mean the Arabian Muslims lost between the Ocean and the Gulf were stricken with fear and terror when they knew for sure that the sons of Israel had made great progress in Modern science and with the help of American - Arab funding they were able to utilise their knowledge of modern science to send up a satellite capable of taking real pictures of anything they wanted at every second.

The Israelis were greatly disappointed when the pictures of Arab daily activities began to come regularly and simultaneously to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem:

They were disappointed because at first the satellite took pictures of everything in the Arab World, and so the Israelis had a pile of pictures of camels in Mauritania, donkeys in the Sudan together with pictures of Kings and presidents at summit conferences. The Israelis were really annoyed at having to sort out so many pictures in order to decide which were of no use and which would constitute a danger to the future of Israel. So they adjusted the satellite to concentrate on selected target places and to stop photographing camels, donkeys and such things as these. Consequently there appeared pictures such as Rabta, Tajura, Tarhuna, Bu-Kamash, Gasr Ahmed, the High Dam, the Great Man-Made River and Ras Lanoof. 

Then there appeared pictures of the ten year old girl, Mietiga, playing in front of her house, that of Sana, and that of Okba Ibn Nafa, brown and tall with a beard, wearing a green turban ... then that of Gordabia, sitting in the open air, veiled up with men, women and children around her ... also that of Nasser waiting for Egypt ... it is also certain that the Israelis possess the nuclear bomb and long-range missiles to deliver it ... and they are manufacturing military aircraft which they have started to sell to a number of countries. This is only one front of the serious challenges facing the Arab Nation which calls for a revolutionary programme to amass all resources in the service of science education, organized work and confrontation in order to attain a high degree of readiness to pay the price and shoulder the necessary consequences to save a nation at risk and abuse. 

But the religious sons of this nation who have been taught Islamic theology by erudite teachers from Afghanistan, India and Britain such as Al-Nabahani, Sayyid Qutb Zada, a Persian originally from India with Egyptian nationality, Mohamed Assad, Hawa, Weikon from Turkey, Mirza and Bahauddin from Persia, Jack Birke and Jarody - they think highly of these preachers and have great faith in them, especially Sayyid Qutb Zada, Al-Nabahani and Black Dodge whose first name became Mohamed when he embraced Islam. By the way, they have been promised abode in Paradise as was expressed in a speech by Zeinab, and as expressed in their own confessions entitled "Investigations and confutations " Anyway, the sons of this nation, who belong to the Muslim brothers, the Islamic Liberation party, the Movement of Proclamation, Repentance and Return to God, Jihad against the Muslims, Call and Propaganda in Defence of America ... they have drawn young people's attention to this momentous secret which they have discovered after long sleepless nights spent in serious research and concentrated study of voluminous yellow books - namely, that the prayer on the last Friday of Ramadan is sure to cause failure of all abominably hostile plans and render the function of modern science and technology ineffective.

If we were to believe in what the parties of God coalition say, there is no need for our children to go to schools, higher technical institutes or the Bright star University of technology ... rather, let them out in the open air on sidewalks selling cigarettes and cakes to adults ... the only important thing to do is to learn the prayer, the full text of which will be given later on ... but on condition that it be recited by all the Muslims in the regions mentioned before save the ones excepted. As for the prayer, it is as follows :-
"May they be unable to see! May they be unable to see!" to be recited a thousand times per minute on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan together with the word "Amen!" This prayer has been tried for accuracy and proved correct and right.
It can make the Israelis unable to spot Arab vital installations including the Rabta medicine factory ... as a matter of fact, they cannot see even the Arabs themselves.
This prayer is sure to blindfold the Israeli satellite. One of the Muslim Brothers working at the Rabta factory secretly informed the Americans about the nature of work at the factory. This made America move its fleets towards Libya for another confrontation ... but the repetition of this prayer a thousand times per minute together with the word "Amen!" before the investigations rendered America unable to see the factory - let alone the Israeli satellite which circles around Algeria, Libya and Iraq only ... and true enough, neither America despite the great fleet gathering, nor the Israelis have struck at the factory in Rabta up to the time of writing this article. 

The other amulet is just a mere reading of "Under the shades of the Koran " and not the Koran itself; and according to the explanatory interpretation of the Muslim Brothers, "The Koran is one book but 'under the shades of the Koran' is ten books" These books, as you may well know leave the readers hardly any time to read any other nonsensical subject or programme such as chemistry, mathematics, space and depths ... but on condition that they seclude themselves in mosques or at home when they read them in order to have the desired effect.
O, believers, May Allah enrich your general knowledge, try to imagine how great and effective the prayer would be if all the Muslims from Jakarta to Marrakech, except the regions afore-said, applied themselves to it ... it would be too powerful to defeat, remembering that prayers do not appear on the enemy's detection screens as do aircraft, ships and missiles. So hurry up and teach your children the books of the Muslim Brothers and the Liberation and Repentance Front .. Print and reprint these books and seclude yourselves at home and in mosques to study them thoroughly till Doomsday.

The titles of these books make their content clear enough, such as The ruling of Religion on Smoking and Growing Beards, The Fiqh of the Sunnite Majority Concerning the Use of Henna and Shampoo, and The Kennash Treatise on How to enter Paradise Easily. Then there are Ibn Taimiyah's books which explain the wisdom of eating with three fingers, eating when one is in a reclining position, and the wisdom of having one's food served on wooden or metal plates. Of course, you won't forget the previous prayer which comes under the military aspect of the fiqh of the democratic Muslim Brothers Party. This prayer is concerned with the defensive strategy of the party.

Complementary to it, there is the prayer peculiar to the economy, which is simple enough to recite only a hundred times per second, it has been tested and found useful against prices going up for no apparent reason and in resisting exploitation with no revolutionary theory to guide one or even a revolutionary movement. The prayer is as follows: 

Gracious Allah, have mercy on workers and civil servants and protect them from shopkeepers and protect wholesale merchants against senior revolutionaries. Should firing break out in the day light, the ones to blame for it would be the merchants and the revolutionaries in which eventuality we could only implore you, O, Allah, to pardon the ones who cause prices to go up and exchange the Dinar for a dollar. On the other hand, those who want the Arab Nation to unite so as to be strong and make progress and eventually defeat its enemy, will have to repeat after the Imam on the afore-said Friday this prayer, "Gracious Allah, our weakness is clear enough to notice; and our welfare is at your disposal and, as you know, we do not possess the ring of Shobeik Lobeik (i.e. wish-granting ring)

The Jews and the Christians have gone up to you in their missiles and satellites ... and we do not emulate them in their blasphemy of invading the space. We humbly implore you and praise your Holy Name!" O, believers, this is what the different allied Islamist parties call on you for ... all of them; the Muslim Brothers, the Liberation Part, the Movement of Repentance and Return to God and the party of the Call and Propaganda, they want you to know that you cannot make any progress forward, or enter the world of technology, or get out of your present state of backwardness or liberate Palestine ... or at least blow up the bases of missiles guided to strike at every Arab capital ... you can achieve none of this unless you return to your yellow books ... and go back in history two thousand years to find out who had murdered Caliph Othman and bring him to justice, also find out who had murdered Al Hussein, and who had a better claim to the Caliphate, Ali or Mu'wiyah, and also what the credentials of Yazid and Al-Hussein were. You will have to make sure how many people had attacked Othman and what time exactly the terrible crime happened.

Turning your attention to the books of Ibn Taimiyah, Ibn Katheer, Yakon, Hawah, Sayyid Qutb Zada, Allori and Al-Mawdudi you will be able to grasp the fundamental basics which are indispensable for advancement and for finding a solution to your administrative and economic problems as well as the dwindling oil prices as a result of the Christians discovering new sources of other forms of energy ... and essential for the defensive action according to article 51 of the U.N. charter against star wars, nerves war, and electronic war. How can we move forward when we do not yet know who was worthier to succeed his father as caliph, Al-Hadi or Al-Mahdi ... Al-Amin or Al-Mammon .. and whether the camel of Ali, May Allah save his face, was brown or white, and last, but not least, whether Caliph Othman's shirt was made of cotton or nylon. You find all these basic branches of knowledge in the retrograde, sorry, I mean, time-honoured traditional books which the modern Islamist parties strongly suggest that you read thoroughly, even if you have to wear glasses. Some of you might deride this trend ... from the point of view of blasphemy and heresy ... but can any one in his right mind, living at the advent of the twenty-first century afford not to worry at such critical issues?!

How can we enter this new century when we still do not comprehend why it is advisable to use your five fingers when you eat and the wisdom of using only three fingers, and why it is inadvisable to lick your fingers before sucking them, and why it is advisable to finger-lick the plate after eating, and the advisability of picking up food fallen on the floor ... you may refer to page 297, chapter 109 of the book "Ketab Assaliheen" "Good people's Book" by Imam Zakariya Yahya. 

You have also to know whether you can die your beard with colouring shampoo or only with henna, and whether the cloak of a Muslim woman can be machine-sewn or only hand-made, and if she could wear one made by an unbeliever or an Indian or a Pole. May Gracious Allah guide the Muslims to the right path, heighten strife among them, make them call one another infidel, encourage them to forsake and fight one another so that they may be allied to the people of the Book ... You are always near and ready to answer! Please, Gracious Allah, unite the Muslims under the banner of Washington and Tel Aviv, and make the unbelievers together with their women, children and goods a booty to be fairly and justly distributed among Muslims ... with no partiality for the left or for the right ... Amen!  > Next Book >